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A center for creativity for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families

Shayna's Village

Nestled inside the JCC's award-winning preschool in the heart of Maitland, Shayna’s Village is a place where parents can take creative classes with their infants, toddlers and preschool-aged kids—regardless of whether their children are enrolled in the school. As children get a little older, they take creative classes independently.

We welcome families from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

Open to the community—enrollment in the JCC's preschool is not necessary to participate.

Where Children Begin Their Creative Journeys

Children need to explore their creative side early on—and we give them the space to do it—whether it’s visual art, cooking, gardening, singing, guitar, or video production. Even more importantly, young children need an opportunity to practice manners and social skills. We help each individual child, no matter how young, to gain confidence in handling new situations.

Get a Personal Invitation 

from Karen

Hi! I'm Karen, the director of Shayna's Village. 

I look forward to inviting you to participate in our classes and join the Shayna's Village family. This is such a special time in your life, and I can't wait to join you on this journey!


Fall Session:  August 20-October 26, 2018

Join us at any time if the session's already started—we'll prorate the fee!

Brain Boosters

Mommy & Me, Daddy & Me, Parent & Me, Nanny & Me, or Caregiver & Me

Thursdays  10 weeks


Wednesdays, 8 weeks


Thursdays  10 weeks


Baby Rock

The children will develop fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, strength and flexibility, while having fun through creative music and fitness activities.

Get ready to rock in this music class designed especially for you and your baby! Each week you will enjoy different styles of music while participating in activities that promote bonding, singing, and family fun!

for Seedlings (6 weeks-6 months non-mobile) & 

Sprouts (sitting & crawling 6- to 12-month-olds)

for ages 12-24 months

Session Rate $144
($108 for JCC Members; $120 with Village Pass)

Together Time Classes

Mondays, 6 weeks


Session Rate $240
($180 for JCC members, $200 with Village Pass)

designed to give parents and caregivers a chance to spend meaningful time with their child while bonding and learning together.

Go, Baby Go!

for Sprouts (sitting & crawling 6- to 12-month-olds) & Buds (newly walking 12- to 18-month-olds)

Session Rate $192
($144 for JCC Members; $160 with Village Pass)

First Impressionsist

In this class your child and you will be engaged in the process of creating beautiful works of art. Each week your child will create 3 unique pieces as they experiment with the art media.

Enjoy time with your children as they gain independence and confidence in this class and begin to follow a school routine that is chock full of learning activities and gross motor practice. Includes snack.

for Blossoms (walking 18 to 24-month-olds) 

Session Rate $240
($180 for JCC members, $200 with Village Pass)

Mind & Manners  Classes

Children will get to sample all of the engaging areas of the Village. Each week, they will participate in different activities in different areas. The six areas include: Science, Drama, Library, Kitchen, Art and Garden! 

Artistic Creations

Future artist will discover the world of art as they learn about and experiment with different art media. They will also create a portfolio to store all of their projects.

age 3 by 3/1/19

designed to give 3- to 4-year-olds a chance to practice using manners and social skills while eating lunch in the “café,” followed by activities that enhance their minds

age 3 by 3/1/19

Mondays 6 weeks

Future authors will be introduced to a different book each week and will expand on the story with creative activities that enhance literature.

Session Rate $186
($150 for JCC Members; $162 with Village Pass)

Session Rate $310
($250 for JCC Members; $270 with Village Pass)

Session Rate $310

($250 for JCC Members; $270 with Village Pass)

Session Rate $279 

($225 for JCC Members; $243 with Village Pass)

Lunchtime Laboratory

age 3 by 3/1/19

Future scientists will get to participate in multi- sensory activities that teach scientific concepts. They will learn about dinosaurs, bugs, magnets, and more.

Tuesdays, 7 weeks

Story Stretchers

Session Rate $217

($175 for JCC Members; $189 with Village Pass)

age 3 by 3/1/19

Thursdays,  10 weeks

Music Time

All Around the Village

Future musicians will get to unleash their musical abilities as they participate in creative musical activities and performances. They will play with maracas, scarves, and the parachute. They will learn how to use a microphone and how to be a polite audience member. 

Fridays, 10 weeks

Wednesdays, 9 weeks

age 3 by 3/1/19

Thursdays, 10 weeks

designed to empower Four's & Pre-K children by engaging them in activities that promote cooperation, original thought, creativity and life skills

Edible Science

Power Hour Classes

iKid Art Studio

for ages 4-5

In this class we will create masterpieces on more than just construction paper. We will use canvas, wood, watercolor paper and a variety of media to create works of artistic expression worthy of hanging in your home gallery.

Session Rate $189

($147 for JCC Members; $161 with Village Pass)

for ages 4-5

In this one-of-a-kind class, the children will be introduced to guitar, rhythm, singing, and music theory in a group setting. This simple approach will improve your child’s fine motor skills, social interactions, confidence, and stage presence. Guitars are provided for each class.

Session Rate $243

($189 for JCC Members; $207 with Village Pass)

Mondays, 6 weeks


Session Rate $162
($126 for JCC Members; $138 with Village Pass)

In this class, the children will learn about chemical reactions, liquids and solids, solar power, and nutrition as they experiment with food!  

Drama Rama!

Session Rate $270

($210 for JCC Members; $230 with Village Pass)

Theatre South Playhouse will help your little actors learn the basic principles of drama through creative play. This class will end with a “classformance” featuring your very own young actor! 

for ages 4-5

Guitar Stars

for ages 4-5

Tuesdays, 7 weeks

Wednesdays, 9 weeks

 for K4

This is a beginning keyboard class. Children will learn finger numbers, the musical alphabet, music signs/symbols, and rhythm-reading, all of which will improve beginning reading skills. This class will also improve listening skills through vocal training. Keyboards will be provided during class. This is a 30 minute class between 12:30-2:00pm.

Music Go Round

This is a beginning music class for children who like to sing. It will include vocal exercises, matching pitches, singing loud and soft, and even practicing duets and trios. As well as singing, they will learn some simple choreography. There will be a performance at the end of the session. This is a 30 minute class between 12:30-2:00pm.

This class is a music enrichment for little ones who love music and love to sing. The children will explore a variety of instruments. They will have vocal lessons as well as learn about musical symbols, rhythms, tempo, dynamics, and steady beat. All of this will improve their listening skills. This is a 30 minute class between 9:30-11:00am.

for  2 year olds

 for K3

Little Musicians Year Round Classes

Tuesdays, 8/28-5/21

Fridays, 8/28-5/21


($15 JCC members, $17 Village Pass)


Fridays, 8/28-5/21


($15 JCC members, $17 Village Pass)

Pitch Perfect Jr.


($18 JCC members, $20 Village Pass)


Free Fridays in the Village

Fridays are a special time at Shayna’s Village, as we offer a number of free parent-child experiences to JCC member families and families with Village Passes.


Kabbalat Shabbat for Families

Stay with your child and enjoy our musical celebration together in the JCC auditorium.  

Stories & Snuggles

Come snuggle and read stories together in this open Library time. Enjoy guest storytellers. Please register in advance.


Snack Date

Enjoy complimentary challah bread with your child in the Creative Cafe and then stay and play! Please register in advance.


Music Concert

Enjoy a 30-minute interactive concert with lots of music, movement, and instruments! Please register in advance to

Have a fussy eater? Potty training woes? Dealing with tantrums? Schedule a private parenting support session and get answers to all of your questions from a parenting expert.

Group Discussions

Parenting can be tough — but you’re not alone. Shayna’s Village is here to help. 

All “You’re Not Alone” programs are free for JCC members or with your Village Pass.

You're Not Alone

Learn effective parenting techniques—from each other! New parents, experienced parents, grandparents, educators...all are welcome to share their ideas at these scheduled meetings.

Private Consultations

Shayna's Village holds a special place in our family's heart. I had visited many other preschools and parenting programs in the Orlando area, but none compared to what I saw at the J. The child development philosophies that the preschool and Shayna's Village possess are like none other. I highly recommend Shayna's Village to anyone who is searching for a place for their child to thrive and for guidance in our world's ever changing parenting challenges.

Lisa A.

What Parents Say

Julie K.

At first I just came to a mommy and me style class, and pretty much immediately signed her up for anything and everything that we could fit into both of our schedules, and it just keeps getting better and better! We have spent the most time with Karen whose gentle guidance and philosophy towards child development inspires me to be a better parent. She has become my go-to for parenting questions and advice and always makes time available. Our child loves her and continues to make so many friends.

How To Sign Up

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